The Korean Casino Industry

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Korea is one of the most advanced countries in the East Asia region. In fact, the per capita income of Koreans has been rising consistently over the past decade. As a result, the government has been focusing on internal financial stability. For example, it has been trying to apply stricter business ethics standards to foreign investors.

The Korean casino industry is largely controlled by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Casino operators are required to meet certain criteria before obtaining a license. There are seventeen land-based casinos in Korea. All but three of them are foreigner-only.

While there are a few online casino sites in Korea, they are not accessible to the public. This is because the country prohibits gambling in its territory. However, there are a number of brick and mortar bookmakers that are available to tourists.

Some of the games available in Korea include Baccarat, Poker3, and Roulette. These are all popular games in the country, and they provide some extra excitement for those who play.

Other casino games include Wheel of Fortune, which is also known as Big Wheel in Asia. It is common to see one or two Tai Sai games at most casinos.

An integrated casino resort in Korea has been deemed as one of the most important developments in tourism in the country. Located in the perfect location, and with great market potential, it is considered a huge success.

During the past year, the Kangwon Land casino has seen a boost in profits. In fact, it saw a 38 percent increase in its Q2 profits.